Monday 22 November 2021

Mornin' all

Apparently I "forgot to wake up" this morning 'cos I woke up almost an hour later than normal but I'm down here now and already caring for my carer.  I already know that I won't be having any breakfast 'cos my carer has filled the bowls with water but didn't actually wash them up, so by the time I've washed the bowls up and made my carer's breakfast, it'll be dangerous for me to make my own as well.  Same with lunchtime - my carer wants sarnies, so by the time I've made those and brought them in for him, I'll be too unsteady on my feet to make my own so my entire calorie intake today will be from two mince pies and that's it.

I've taken my morning pills and I'll make a start on the news when I've done the washing up and made my carer's breakfast.

Need to remember to weigh myself and put it into FitBit too.  And bring the rubbish sack and recycling boxes and paper/cardboard sack in when they've been collected too.

The daily virus scan was clear thankfully so I'm gonna start todays drinking with a 500ml glass of mixed berry crush and take it from there.

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