Saturday 27 November 2021

5.5 hours already this morning

It's currently 11.25am and I've already cared for my carer for over 5 hours so far today, so I'm already clocking overtime and it's not even approaching lunchtime yet, so maybe another 12 hour day today?

Already gone steaming through 62 hours of care this week, so it's looking likely that I'll hit 70 hours before I head to bed tonight then I've just got a 10 hour day tomorrow to hit the magical target of 80 hours of care for my carer which is double a full time job, so I'd be getting significant overtime if I was actually being paid 'cos I hit the minimum at breakfast time on the 25th and I've been clocking up overtime ever since.

I've already cared for my carer in just a single morning 5 times more than he's cared for me for the entire week so far, so even if he did nothing but care for me until bedtime tomorrow, without sleeping or eating or hygiene or even going for a wee or poo, he couldn't reach the minimum any more.

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