Friday 19 November 2021

As predictably always happens

My carer has just said that he doesn't want to cook today after all and that we can have "soup or a MugShot or mince pies" at lunchtime instead.  That means he won't be getting his Turkish Delight on Sunday and it'll be up to me to make his lunch (my legs won't hold me up for long enough to make anything for myself after I've made his) today and tomorrow and he'll be out of the habit of cooking on Sunday too, so instead of 5 hot meals made by him, it'll be two again.  


I knew that would happen as soon as I saw how sleepy he was this morning and I think I predicted it here on my blog first thing too didn't I?

By the time I head to bed tonight, I'll have had 1 hour 11 minutes of care from my carer, which means he will have to provide 33 hours and 49 minutes of care for me during the weekend which is over 16½ hours of care each day which just won't happen 'cos it'd mean constant care from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep which just won't happen 'cos he's got 2 jabs tomorrow, so that's at least half an hour out of the house tomorrow and he'll need my support 'cos he'll be whining about a heavy arm and having a cold and stuff so will fall asleep between having them which is another 2-3 hours to add on to Sundays 16½ hours, making it 19 hours of care, which has never happened, even when I was at my worst.  I've already cared for him for 4 hours this morning, which takes the week's running total to over 50 hours so it's highly likely to be another week of over 75 hours of care for my carer and I'll be lucky to hit 1½ hours of care out of him for the entire week.

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