Saturday 27 November 2021

Ooh ouch!

I've just brushed my teeth, before I remembered about using the clove oil on my wisdom tooth, so I'm now in a great deal of pain all over again.  


My SIL brought a couple of packs of frozen vegetables over this morning with our top-up shop so I've added it to tomorrow's menu and I think it was 3 times to next week to try and get some good things into our diet with very little extra work.  My carer has agreed with the updated menu's, so hopefully we'll have them tomorrow and three times next week.  I'd prefer veggies every day, but I've gotta go with what I can motivate my carer to cook.  If he cooks tomorrow he'll be getting his second reward of the week (a Fry's Turkish Delight) but he's cooked three times this week, so I'm feeling pretty pessimistic about it, but would love to be proved wrong.

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