Wednesday 11 March 2020

That's the puppy walked and fed, so...

...just need to take my pills now.  Hold on while I do that while I remember❗

OK, that's them all down the hatch now, so I can relax until lunchtime when it's time for the Calcium.

Not gonna be able to write today 'cos someone from the "frailty team" is apparently due at 2.30pm 🕝 then my prescription and the puppy coming back either tomorrow or Friday.  I'm hoping to write a couple of chapters when they've both arrived, then all weekend.  Monday is no-go because of someone coming out about whatever adult social services do, write on Tuesday and Wednesday then a hospital appointment on Thursday for the initial assessment before the surgery.  After that though, I can concentrate on being creative again and finish the YYA novel by next weekend.

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