Tuesday 17 March 2020

Tuesday 17th March 2020

After the connection problems this morning, I've worked out that my laptop has been updating and unusable for 41 hours and counting, so I'm glad Steve is letting me use his Surface until it's sorted out otherwise I'd be climbing the walls within hours!  Lol

At least I've got a book to read and review though lol

I've logged into my blog to do it on the Surface now, so the posts will be longer and more like my other ones now.

I've taken my morning pills and walked the puppy... gonna slightly increase our strolls starting today.  Only an extra few metres a day, but more than we did last week 🤣  Gonna keep Marathon Monday lengths the same, but the rest of the week will be slightly increased.

Need to remember to add this cuppa to Fitbit, so hold on while I do that now.

That's the puppy walked and fed for the second time today and I've had me lunch and I am charging up my Fitbit now.  Currently using the Surface without the keyboard so it's gonna be a lot slower, but that's OK - it's just gonna take longer is all 🤣

49 hours and still going... not at all happy about this!

Up to chapter 32 now though, so I'm hoping to be up to at least Chapter 40 before I go to bed then I can read and review the rest of it tomorrow.

That's me last two pills of the day taken and Steve's made me a mug of decaf coffee and opened up my next two boxes, ready for tomorrow evening.  Gonna add the liquid to Fitbit then carry on reading and reviewing the book.  Already got another book lined up as well as another one as a favour, so I've got plenty of reading to do while I'm waiting for my laptop to kick back into life again 🤣

Shutting down and heading to bed now.

Nite nite orl❗

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