Wednesday 4 March 2020

Wednesday 4th March 2020 - part 3

That's the virus scan finished (still virus free) and back-ups finished, so I'm just waiting for the puppy to be picked up now then I can write the rest of today's target chapters (2 down, 3 to go) and have a late-ish night tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning then get straight on with my writing again as soon as I come down instead of waiting a couple of hours with walking, feeding the puppy and trying to summon up my motivation to write.

I'll celebrate chapter 20 with another J2O tomorrow night (hopefully lol) and getting half way through the manuscript with a caffeinated coffee on Saturday morning (so that I'm not kept awake on Friday night from the caffeine lol).  If I keep on writing 5 chapters a day then I'll be finished by next Wednesday hopefully 🤞

Gonna get on with writing chapter 18 now though.

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