Saturday 14 March 2020

I was wrong yesterday...

...I thought I had 5 chapters left to write today instead of 6 but I mis-calculated and I do have 6 left to write after all.  I've written 1¼ chapters this morning and taken the puppy out for her second stroll so I really have got 5 chapters to write this afternoon.

The puppy dog isn't getting her medicated bath today or tomorrow after all... Helen is the only driver in her family atm so she's a taxi service for both of her parents, as well as looking after dogs and a horse on top of working which is a lot for anyone to cope with at the best of times, without taking on our puppy too, so she's staying home with us until the end of next week when hopefully things will be a bit calmer for her at home.  The poor woman needs a break, bless 'er❗

We're having steak-cut chips for lunch and neither of us knows what they are like 🤣

I'm hoping for an early lunch today, so that I can spend the afternoon entirely focussed on finishing off the novel.  Wish me luck, please❓  TIA❗

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