Wednesday 11 March 2020

Slight change of plan for today...

...the puppy is staying here at home until Saturday, going for her medicated bath and coming back on Sunday instead.  Apparently Mitzi's usual taxi is having surgery today and can't drive after, the other driver has broken her arm, so Helen is doing a lot of driving right now so has fitted in Mitzi-moo when she can as well as working.  I appreciate her doing it at all though❗

I'm hoping I'll be able to get at least the morning stroll in with the puppy on Saturday, the afternoon stroll would be a bonus, doubt she'll be back in time for her morning stroll on Sunday, so we'll just do like we did this week and do a long walk when she gets home, as long as it's not too dark out there.

Her health and safety is my top priority on our walks and now that she's back down to the weight she should be after getting her thyroid sorted, missing a few walks a week ain't so bad.

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