Sunday 29 March 2020

Sunday 29th March 2020

'ello all.

Taken the puppy for her stroll, fed her, tidied up the rubbish and recycling, taken my pills, changed the time on my laptop and sorted out the walking spreadsheet, so everything is up-to-date now.

Already gone through the 5,000 steps according to my Fitbit app and over 12,000% extra walkies over the last 7 days so it's no wonder me and the puppy have been so wiped out❗

Pazza bake for lunch today 🤤

Gonna put my laptop on the floor to go and grab it as soon as Steve takes it out of the oven.


Back now.  It was particularly scrummy today but neither of us can work out why, 'cos Steve said he "didn't do anything different to normal today❗"  Maybe the sauce had more chance to mature or it was from last week's shop or summat❓  Whatever it was, it was yummy❗

Got a photo and 2 minute video of the sleepy puppy dog this afternoon... just waiting for PSP to open up so that I can resize the photo, then I'll code and upload it.

Got the update to try again... hopefully it won't take 2 weeks this time❗❗

BBS I hope.

I'm back, but I'm already up to my space limit on my site, so I'm getting rid of the bigger photo's to try and save a bit of room until I can afford to get the next package up 🤣

Because we put all three recycling boxes out, I decided to clear out the cupboard that is usually hidden by them... there was a meat pie in there with a use by date of 2013❗  Oops❗  It's totally empty now though and the big freezer is pretty much empty too so we've been doing really well and our diet is a lot better than it was at this time last year and we're actually using the food we buy now❗

That's today's photo's and video uploaded at last, so it's time to take my pills and head to bed I reckon... I'm absolutely knackered and the very nearly 6,000 steps I've done today is the reason.  Hoping for 7,500 steps by bed time tomorrow.  Gotta remember to download the Fitbit spreadsheet to put on my site in the morning.

That's me last pills of the day taken, so I'm gonna shut down and head to bed now.

Nite nite orl💤

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