Saturday 26 July 2014

Formula 1 again

I'm currently semi watching the qualifying for the motor racing again and one of the British blokes, Lewis Hamilton, has just had the back of his car burst into flames!

Poor bloke!

The poor man didn't seem fazed by it though, he calmly said to the bods in the pit lane that he had flames at the back of the car, the bloke on the radio said to pull over and jump out and the driver said the car wouldn't stop!

Rikikikonun is out of qualifying too now, so that leaves me hoping for a win from Bottombottom now!

I just want Bottombottom to qualify, race safely and finish the race too.  I don't care if he's not on the podium, I just want him to finish safely... in the points would be a bonus, but his safety has to come first in my eyes!

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