Sunday 27 July 2014

Bottombottom and Hamilton

Bottombottom is a really good driver 'cos he went from 3rd to 2nd on the first corner even though it was peeing it down with rain!  Apparently I should be cheering for a white car?

Hamilton had to have his car rebuilt overnight after it threw a strop on him in qualifying and burst into flames so he started from the pit lane and he's moved up to 17th now?  Nope, make that 14th out of 22 cars so Hamilton is doing well too!  No idea what colour his car is though!  lol

I just hope everyone drives safely in the rain... one of the "backenders" has just come off the track with no back wing and the wheels look a bit screwed too.  On top of that, the safety car and medical car were trying to take each other out too!

It seems like it will be an exciting race but Hamilton's mechanics won't be happy if he needs any spares during the race though!

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