Saturday 19 July 2014

As of about 2 hours ago...

I'm a big supporter of the Dogs Trust over here in the UK and that's where we re-homed Mitzi from 4 years ago.

I bought a Dogs Trust t-shirt at about the same time and it quickly became my favourite item of clothing.

It was so well-worn that it had a huge hole in the left armpit so I invested in 2 more last weekend and they arrived yesterday morning with the post.

I put one of them on this morning to walk Mitzi and christened it with rain water after squeezing through a tiny gap between someone's car mirror and our wheelie bin.

When we got home and I explained the wet streak to Steve he said I should have "smashed the bloody car mirror in for being so close to the bin!".

A touch harsh maybe, but I think I'll move the mirror inward (towards the car door) if there's a car there tomorrow and if the driver doesn't like it then I will smash it next time!  lol

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