Sunday 6 July 2014

Just pondering on the wheelchair access

The road we live on is right behind the hospital and is, technically, for residents only... the staff at the hospital don't seem to appreciate that though!

So, I'm pondering on knocking on everyone's door in the street to let them know I will need a 20inch space, minimum, outside the door to be able to have access to the road to make the most of my independence then if someone doesn't take notice of my polite request then they'll just find a scratch or dent in their car from the wheelchair not having the space it needs right outside our door!

Why can't I go further up the road in the wheelchair?  Why am I making such a fuss about access to the road when I can just use the pavement?


There are wheelie bins on the pavements that belong to the residents and I've got no right to tell them to move their bins just for me!  However, we are entitled to park outside our own house so I reckon I've got a right to request a 20inch gap for me to get through between cars right outside our house!

I'm thinking of getting something printed to start leaving on windscreens but don't know if it's legal or not... maybe I should phone the council to find out or something?

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