Thursday 26 March 2015

Well that doesn't inspire confidence!

Just got back from Mitzi's walk and we met a man from the flats at the end of the road who said the dog at the end who Mitzi has a conversation with when s/he's outside the house escaped the other day and took itself for a walk up and down Mitzi's road and barked the whole time!

If s/he's escaped once, what's to stop him/her doing it again?

From the bark, it sounds like s/he's at least double Mitzi's size so, what if the dog escapes and decides to have a fight with Mitzi?  :-(

What if the escaped dog is hungry and decides to take a bite out of Mitzi?

I walk with a quad cane and I'm not stable enough on my feet even with that!  In theory I could use it to defend the pup but I don't fancy getting sued!  :-(  Maybe I should just stand between them and hope for the best?

There was also something going on in town 'cos 3 police cars sped down the main road, at full speed, with blues and two's going!  I hope whoever was involved is OK and the police were safe!

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