Thursday 26 March 2015

Back from town now

Just got back from town and only used the green blobs up on the battery of Patrick today which Steve says is prolly because I wasn't stopping and starting so much 'cos that's how it works on a car.

My optician has vanished from where it used to be, but apparently it's in the Eastgate centre instead of Kings Walk and Steve reckons there's a second level in there so I'll try and find it next time i go into town.

I dropped off my prescription and it's a good job I did it today instead of next week 'cos it's going to take 6 days for it to be delivered for some reason, so if I'd taken it a week later I would have been without me pills again by the time it was delivered!

Steve's watch sent me all over the place!  I went to the place I went to a few weeks ago about it and they said that the hole to open the part they needed was too small so they sent me to another shop and they said they could do it, but I'd have to phone the manufacturer to get the link things sent here then I'd have to go back into town to get it done... just got to remember to do it now!  lol

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