Thursday 5 March 2015

Mitzi's walk this morning was... a word, busy!

We walked the first third with a cat at the end of the road.  Mitzi wanted to make friends but the cat didn't.

The second third was met by a big dog, maybe an Alsatian, that wasn't on his/her lead and when the dog approached Mitzi and Mitzi was obviously scared, the owner of the Alsatian just laughed!  OK so the dog just sniffed Mitzi's nose and mouth and tried to sniff her bum but Mitzi was petrified of the dog and there was nothing either of us could have done to stop it if the Alsation had attacked our poor pup!  The dog was half the size of me and the owner just didn't give a fuck!  I should have got the name and phone number to report them to the Council but I was too worried about Mitzi that I didn't think of it!

The final third, Mitzi was obviously still scared and she stayed to heel the whole time and didn't even start to pull on her lead like she usually does, she just stayed by my legs!  Poor girl!  :-(

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