Friday 6 March 2015

Pretty puppy

Just brushed our pretty puppy and I'm thinking that we should get her in the bath at some point, just so that she gets used to us bathing her again as well as the vet when she goes for her spa days!

When we first got her 4.5 years ago, we had to bath her with a prescription shampoo every other day and she loved it.  When she gets back from the vets she is so relaxed and I think they bath her there, so I want her to see baths as treats now that she's recovered from her skin condition, bless her little heart!

Steve got her a big (as in almost the length of her tail and double the thickness) rawhide bone with the extra shopping yesterday and she's hidden it somewhere other than her usual hiding place (behind my wheelchair) and neither of her humans can find where it is!  lol

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