Tuesday 31 March 2015

Is my maths right?

In my main account I've got £450 and I'll be getting another £200 in 2 weeks so that takes it up to £650 take off £150 to go into the joint account for Steve's car which takes it to £500 yeah?  My bills are £400 on the 15th of each month which leaves me with £100 to play with... is my maths right so far?

At the end of April, I'll get another £500 plus the £100 makes it £600 take off £150 for Steve's car and £400 for May's bills means I'll have £50 left, yeah? Plus the £200 for my pay day in the middle of April makes it £250 to play with yeah? Take off another £150 for Steve's car from my mid-April pay day makes it £100 again to play with?

But that can't be right, can it?

£650 - £400 = £250 (balance mid-April) + £200 (mid April pay day) = £450 - £300 for Steve's car = £150?

Where am I going wrong please?

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