Thursday 6 July 2017

Just saved £133 a year

When I got Patrick I took out insurance too "just in case" (feel free to call me paranoid  😉).

I've spent the last 45ish minutes trying to find a phone number for them to ask if I could pay the premiums monthly instead of annually.

Can't find them anywhere now!

Looked in my bank statements for the name of the company.

Did my first search online for a phone number for them.

Couldn't find one, so I phoned my bank and they gave me the full name of the company.

Did another search.

Phoned 2 companies with the same name and they said they had had several other clients getting them confused with the company they were looking for.

Alarm bells started ringing.

Phoned my bank again and they put me through to another company who deals with stopping debit card transactions.

They were fantastic.

Stopped the scam company from taking any more payments and said that they may try and take the money still but I will be "immediately refunded if that happens"!

How awesome is that!

Means I've got to go back to finding a decent, trustworthy insurance company now who are happy for me to pay monthly instead of annually, but I'll be more careful this time!

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