Thursday 6 July 2017

Barclaycard and my credit rating

Had a letter from Barclaycard saying that unless I phoned them and arranged to pay the minimum payment every month, they would put a default on my account.

I called them and said that I could pay a maximum of £100 a month, but no more.

They said that as I wasn't paying the minimum payment I'd still be defaulted.

I asked why that would happen if I was paying more than the minimum.

That got the woman in a fluster.

She did something on the system and said that I could pay the £100 a month and not get the default, but I had to be sure I could afford it.  I read out the list of my monthly outgoings and the money I get from benefits each month.  said it would leave me with pennies, literally.

She said I could still keep on paying the £75 but it would result in the default.

She's just been on the phone again and said that I could carry on paying the £75 a month and I would be defaulted, but it'd only be for a year then it would come off my credit record again.

I'm hopefully getting money back from mis-sold PPI anyway so if that happens, I'll be able to pay a chunk off the amount anyway but even if I don't, everything is back to normal again now.

I don't like being falsely defaulted not once but twice (O2 were the first ones) but that's it now... it'll be a couple of years before a couple of cards are paid off, 5 years for Barclaycard and then that's it.  I'm never getting credit ever again.  It's just not worth it.

Gonna cancel Patrick's insurance too... I keep forgetting about the annual payments and I just can't afford it right now unfortunately.

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