Thursday 27 July 2017

Gotta phone Betterlife tomorrow

Had a phone call from the con artists saying my insurance was due for renewal tomorrow.

I explained that I can't use Patrick because he's got a puncture in both back wheels.

They said to contact Betterlife to come out and fix the punctures at my own cost.

Just tried to phone Betterlife and they are open 9-5.30 Monday to Friday so I've got to try and remember to call tomorrow and ask about getting a kerb climber fitted to it too.  It's out of warranty now so it's going to cost a pretty penny but better to pay a one-off price and get my independence back again, than to have him just sitting in the hallway getting dusty and me being street-bound again too.

I can afford it thanks to the PPI payment and if Betterlife say no then I can go with Assured Mobility in Gloucester which'll be about £150 so one way or another I'll get my independence back again... just don't know who will do it yet!  lol

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