Wednesday 5 August 2015

Just bought loads of bunches of flowers from eBay

Spent all of £2.05 for them (I used my Nectar points for the other £15) but I'm planning on cheering up the living room and changing the colours every week or so.  I've bought pink, blue, purple and white roses so that'll keep me going for a while and assuming they all come as individual stems I'll be able to use lots of creativity for them too!

I've got 10 peacock feathers too so even if the flowers are all bunched up instead of individual, I'll still be able to put my own stamp of creativity into the vase and we won't need to worry about the flowers dieing or hurting the pup either!

Steve whined about not having room to store them but I'll keep them in the bedroom when we don't need them all at once!

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