Wednesday 26 August 2015

I'm liking tails even more now!

I was thinking of trying tails custom food for the pup when she's finished her vet diet but wasn't sure if Mitzi would like it 'cos she can be a fussy eater at times and she refuses to eat only dry food so we have to buy wet food for her so that she eats.

There is some dry food that you can add water to, to make it moist and more like wet food and I've just found out that any friend referrals I make, I can donate it to their charity of choice, which made me love the company even more, because that charity is:

Dogs Trust!!!

That's where we got our pup from and they've definitely got my custom now!

If you're a UK dog owner, keep your eye open for a friend link on my blog and website... the food won't cost you any more, but it helps to build up the amount they donate to my favourite charity! 

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