Sunday 23 August 2015

Spectacular little puppy doggy!

The pup came over to me for a kiss, which I obviously gave her and I noticed that she had a gunky black splodge going in to her right eye so I tried to get it out with my right index finger but couldn't, so I decided to go with the bold move of using my left index finger (I'm right handed) to get the gunk out and the spectacular little pup trusted me enough to do it and kept her eye open the whole time!

What an amazing little girl!  She's such a good little puppy dog and obviously trusts me to use my non-dominant finger so close to her eye without even blinking!

Whoever gave her up all those years ago don't know what a gem she is turning out to be!

Huge way to go, pup, you're an amazing little girl and mean the world to me!

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