Tuesday 11 August 2015

4 times this morning, 5 times just now...

I walked the pup up and down the road 4 times this morning and 5 times just now so we've had a good walk today so we should both sleep well tonight!

Just spoken to me mum on the phone too and the transport bods in her area just don't seem to care about leaving people literally stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Me mum wants to move to the south coast and I'll support her whatever she decides to do but it has to be her decision and, talking totally selfishly, I want her to move to Gloucester or Cheltenham so that I'm only a bus or taxi away if she needs me and there are buses between Gloucester and Cheltenham every 10 minutes, every day and she can do her shopping online and there are plenty of GP surgeries around here as well as us literally being behind the hospital too!  There's more buses in one morning over than she currently gets in a fortnight!

She's not getting any younger (none of us are) and neither of us can drive so it seems like the sensible option to me... it has to be her decision though, not mine or my brother's!

I just want to see my mum as often as I can and I haven't seen her for literally years as it is!  I miss her!

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