Monday 21 September 2020

Lunch eaten, Calcium taken

I really enjoyed my lunch 🍴 today - pasta bol with grated cheese - yumsk.  Steve didn't think he'd used enough pasta today, yet he couldn't finish his lunch for a very rare change❗  I'm significantly over my calorie budget again, which will hopefully show on the scales next Monday when I weigh in again.  


We're doing so much better with our food than we have pretty much since we moved in, so at least two decades, and it's showing on our waistlines and weight too.  It just takes a bit of motivation to stop having junk food for every meal is all and it's significantly cheaper as well as being healthier too - what used to be two junk food meals each, is pretty much an entire week's grocery shop for us now.  We don't deny ourselves junk food, we just don't have it for every meal every day any more.


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