Sunday 13 September 2020

Puppy, rubbish and recycling sorted out

I've walked, fed and watered the puppy for the first time today, put the rubbish and recycling out for another week and the puppy has been a pooing 💩 machine over the last week❗  She produced 2 on our daily strolls and another 7 in the back yard and hasn't even poo'd 💩 yet today either❗

We're having a very late breakfast (11am 🕚) so we're gonna have "cakes and stuff for lunch today, but I'll definitely cook tomorrow to make up for it" which is fine by me... it's not often that we have cakes for lunch and Steve cooks most days now, so I think he's allowed an occasional day off now and then 😀.

I'm gonna go up and scan in that article for my GP while I think of it though, so that I can bin the magasine when I've finished reading it.

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