Friday 11 September 2020

Just had the call with the CPN and...

I have, potentially, got the pharmacist into trouble for halving the number of boxes I can get at a time.  The CPN is gonna call the pharmacist now to find out why he did it then phone me back.


Hopefully 🤞 I'll be able to get another box prescribed today and then the 56 tablets every two months again after that.  If it does happen like that then I'll hopefully be stable enough to not have to see anyone about my psychosis for the rest of the year and potentially into next year too.  I still get paranoid when I forget to take them so I still get psychotic without them so I still need them, but I want it to be a mutual decision with a doctor or CPN rather than a pharmacist who was talking to me about a different illness that I've got❗ 

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