Sunday 13 September 2020

Productive morning so far!

I woke up 2 hours later than I usually do and at a more sensible time for a change (7am 🕖 instead of 5am 🕔), then took my pills as my laptop was booting up, refilled the organiser and weighed myself again.  I'm now 52.58kg which is more like the weight I was on Thursday 🤣 and means I've put on 580g instead of losing 500g like it said when I tried it out for the first time last night... it's also more like the weight of my wee in my bladder rather than losing half a kg after 2 litres of liquid and two meals too.


Just had a thought actually... I didn't calibrate the scales before I took yesterday's reading, just got on them and assumed that was it, but I'm sure I read in the instructions that you need to step on, calibrate them, step off so that it turns itself off, then step on again to get an accurate reading, which I forgot to do, so I'm totally ignoring yesterday's reading 'cos it was completely my fault that it was wrong and this morning's reading is the accurate one.  Means that a combination of a full bladder and eating significantly more calories than I burn has meant that I've put on half a kilo since Thursday morning... I just hope I can control my OCD now and not weigh myself multiple times a day.  Monday is my only weigh-in day that I'm allowed.

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