Wednesday 9 September 2020

Totally forgot about the weekly virus scan, but...'s underway now, after a reboot.  I've taken my pills and I'm trying to persuade the puppy to go on her first stroll of the day now, but she's currently walking up and down the back of the sofa 😀

Steve had a look at the shopping last night, while I was in bed, and discovered that I'd taken my pop off so he's gonna ask his mum to get more for me when they do their shopping.  Bet it'll be cola or lemonade so that he gets even more drinks but I still don't, which'll be my fault too, just like with my father.

I've given up on trusting people now 'cos they always break my trust but automatically assume that I won't break theirs and I'm fed up of it now.  I'll do whatever the other person wants and forget about my needs and opinions again, same as always 😞

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