Tuesday 22 September 2020

I've fixed one of the issues I was having with the FitBit app

For some reason my FitBit hadn't been logging my exercise or sleep for the last week.  All my online settings were the same and hadn't been changed so I figured I'd check the actual tracker that was around my ankle and try resetting it again.

I took it off my ankle, reset it and was suddenly inspired to check the settings on it.  It was set to "On Clip" rather than "On Wrist" for some bizarre reason, so I changed it back to the right setting and it obviously worked 'cos it tracked this afternoon's walk with the puppy automatically again 👍

I obviously don't know if it'll go back to tracking my sleep again, 'cos I haven't been up to bed yet and there's no way it could have happened by accident 'cos I had to press the button on the side, do several swipes and click on the screen, then swipe back to reset it, so I must have done it as an experiment and forgotten that I'd done it... d'oheth.

It's hopefully all sorted now though 😌

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