Friday 11 September 2020

Mornin' all

Remembered to start earlier today then❗ 😌 👍

I've just taken my morning pills and because it's Friday, I ain't gonna take the Calcium until this afternoon so that it doesn't mess up the FA.

Done the daily virus scan and I'm still free of nasties.  I'm expecting a delivery from Amazon today as well as a call from a CPN about my meds in the next hour or so... hope they don't happen at the same time 😟  Gotta take the puppy out for her first stroll too but I'll take my lead from her with that... she's wanted to go out at lunchtime instead of in the morning for the last couple of days, so maybe her legs take a bit of warming up now or summat❓

Sugary/chocolate porridge for brekkie today 🤤

Apparently my credit score has changed - I hope it's a positive change 'cos I certainly haven't taken out any more credit anywhere❗ 😯

It was the mortgage, apparently we're "a month and a bit in arrears" but it's taken a month to appear on my credit score.  Looks like I'll be using my savings to clear it again and won't get any credit for it.  Again.

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