Monday 14 September 2020

The sit-ups and leg raises really are working!

I got Steve to take a couple of photo's of my belly at the end of July this year, which was around the time that I first started doing them.  He took another couple of photos this morning and the sit-ups really are reducing my belly flab!  I think my thighs are finally starting to shrink too 'cos the trousers aren't so tight on my thighs any more.


I've still got a way to go before I get a flat belly, but it's nowhere near as big as I was thinking, I just need to reprogramme the part of my brain that's still telling me I need to lose like 7 or 8 inches when in reality it's more like half that much!


These are my two before photo's:  

And these are today's photo's: 

It's very slllloooooowwww progress, but it's still progress all the same.

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