Saturday 21 June 2014

Just almost burnt the kitchen down!

I was cooking Steve's tea and was keeping a close eye on the time.

I thought I could smell smoke after about 20 minutes but Steve said "it's just a cooking smell, don't worry!" so I believed him and left it for another 5 minutes.

I opened the living room door and there was a feint look of smoke... maybe it was just steam?

I went into the kitchen and opened the oven door.

I was met by a huge gust of white smoke that I couldn't see through so I opened the back door all the way and left the oven door open.

When the smoke had cleared enough to see through, I turned the oven off and took Steve's tea out and plated it.

My eyes are watering and my throat is burning now... I've learnt to trust my sense of smell now, not Steve's opinions on cooking time!

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