Tuesday 17 June 2014

Stuff and things

Steve's been in hospital for 3 days and things are definitely improving for him!

His doctor came to see him very briefly and said "I've just had your blood result's back, Mr George and they have improved 100% more than yesterday!" then she smiled at him and walked off so now that they know his treatment is working, hopefully it won't be long before he's home!  Yay!

Also, I was really hot when I got home so I ran a cool bath and got in... it was freezing!  I'd forgotten to pull the cord to warm up the water so instead of a warm and a cold tap running there was a cold and a freezing tap filling the bath up!  Brrr!

Ho hum!

It's also my pay days next week so that's going to be a hard week, but hopefully if I just keep the wheelchair and independence in mind then I won't spend anything... I can at least hope!  lol

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