Friday 13 June 2014

Getting nervously excited about the wheelchair now

I've just emailed Lloyds Pharmacy about which battery the Aries takes so that I can get 2 spare ones at the same time as the chair. 

Just call me Paranoid Pandora but it's got me nervous that in about 6 weeks I'll have the ability to go further than the end of the street alone after more than a decade.

I'm going to slowly take Mitzi on longer walks but the first week will make me so nervous about being out and about alone!

It'll be the first charge of the batteries and the first 40 miles that will make me nervous!

I'm thinking my first trip should be down to my GP just to prove to myself that I can get there and back alone and the chair can deal with crossing roads.

Then I'll go into Gloucester city centre and just have a look around and refamiliarise myself with it again.

Then I'll go to the bus station and pick up leaflets for buses that are wheelchair friendly.

Then I'll go to the train station to see if I can find information about trains to wheelchair friendly places.

Then I'll come home and congratulate myself on being out and about alone for the first time since 2001 and I'll be buzzing with excitement for the rest of the day and night!  lol

The day after I get the chair, I'll start taking Mitzi on longer walks and see how she does with crossing roads and stuff.

I'm already counting down the weeks!  lol

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