Tuesday 3 June 2014

Feeling incredibly proud of myself right now!

I know this may not seem a lot to be proud of to most of you, but I've just cooked 4 quarter pounders for Steve's tea, put them in 4 buns, squirted mustard and tomato sauce onto each and brought them in for him.

Why is that such a big deal?

Because I've never done it before and because I left the burgers under the grill on full blast for double the time when I realised the burgers were only just unfrozen when I went to flip them over half way through.

I had to get him 2 bits of foil for his burgers too because he's talking to someone on Skype now!  Grrrr!

I'm now shaking too much to do my own tea so I'll finish putting the information into the spreadsheet then take my pills and head to bed.

I've had as much as I can take for one day! 

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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