Saturday 21 June 2014

Has anyone got opinions on...

I've just seen a cereal that is made for me in terms of my vitamins etc that I'm deficient in but don't know what it tastes like and it's over £3 for a 500g box too so it's really expensive but if it tastes OK or better then it would mean I could take a lot less supplements than I do now!

The name of the cereal is "Kelloggs Just Right" so if you've got an opinion on it then please leave a comment on this post... the good, the bad and the ugly please!

I'm deficient in vitamin B12 and Folic Acid.
My Korsakov Syndrome is B1 deficiency.
I'm vegetarian so I could probably use Iron too.

The cereal has got those 4 and more in it which would, if it tastes OK, mean that I wouldn't need to take the B12 or B1 supplements every morning...

Is it worth splashing out more than double the price for half the weight of my normal cereal though?

Your opinions in the comments bit of this post would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!

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