Sunday 22 June 2014

Used car questions

Me again!

While I was in the bath the radio was on and one of the ads was for a new Renault car at £200 deposit and £200 a month.

I've just looked at the site and it doesn't have any cars big enough for Steve to fit in and it doesn't even mention the ad prices that were on the radio.

So, I'm thinking of getting a used car for us but haven't got a clue what to look for and I don't want to mention it to Steve or he'll start tutting at me!  :-(

I'd prefer a car that I can put the wheelchair in and with 4 doors instead of 2 so that I could sit in the back with Mitzi but I can't afford to spend much on it  :-(

What sort of car should I be looking for with 5 seats in it and 4 doors?
What's the minimum I should be looking to spend?
Would I be able to put my name down as the owner of the car even though I don't have a driving license?
Would Steve be able to drive it even though I was the owner?
Would I be able to own the car and Steve have insurance for it or would I have to buy the insurance too?
What about MOTs?  Would Steve be able to arrange an pay for the MOT and anything that needs to be fixed or would that come down to me as the owner?

What I'm looking for is for me to own the car in name only and Steve has the responsibility for the rest of it... am I asking for the moon on a stick please?

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