Friday 6 June 2014

My eyebrows are thinning and I don't know why! :-(

I noticed last night that my eyebrow is noticeably thinner.

It's only my right eyebrow, only at the outer corner and only on the bottom half.

I've done a quick online search and the only things it came up with was age (I'm 36 so I don't think it's that), chemotherapy (I've never had it) and thyroid disease (been tested and I don't have that either).

So I'm, maybe wrongly, thinking that it's either another rare illness or that it's part of Korsakov Syndrome.  I don't want it to be either, but then I don't want thin eyebrows either  :-(

The most make-up I've ever worn is concealer and lip gloss when I was at school and lip balm on my lips when they crack since then.

That's honestly the only make up I've ever worn and if I totally loose my eyebrows, they'll just have to stay gone!

Ho hum!  :-(

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