Saturday 14 June 2014


All my direct debits will be coming out tomorrow which means I can stop worrying about them until 15th July and I'll still be comfortably in credit (£150ish).  I'll be getting paid again in the last week of June and I'll have £500 still to play with 'cos I've already allowed for the direct debits to come out of my benefit money and another £500 in July when I'll be able to comfortably afford the wheelchair and spare batteries.

In August I'll be able to get the wheelchair insurance, warranty and breakdown cover.

In September I'll get 2 birthday gifts ready for October then save up for Yule in December!

I just need to remember that!  lol

I'm doing well with not spending so far - it's the first few days after being paid that are nightmareish but if I can get through the week after I'm paid then the other 3 weeks are a breeze!

Wish me luck!

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