Wednesday 25 June 2014

Addiction or OCD?

I've been diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I've, up to now, been assuming the spending was an addiction, but maybe it's the OCD playing me up with the spending instead of being an addiction?

I just don't feel the need to spend at any time other than the week I'm paid is all!   I don't get cravings to spend huge amounts, I can plan out my spending and mostly stick to it and I don't go OTT with the spending either!

Maybe it was the same with the chocolate too?  I didn't spend a fortune on chocolate and only eat chocolate at the expense of everything else.  I still eat chocolate and enjoy it but don't go OTT with it any more.

I've just spent £20 on a pair of shoes and 7 pairs of trainer socks... I was going to get myself some t-shirts too, but didn't - if it was an addiction then I would have easily spent over £100 instead of £20 wouldn't I?

Oh I dunno, I just want a name for what the spending puts me through is all!

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