Friday 24 February 2017

Has anyone got, please...

I want to start preparing home-cooked food for me an' Steve but the things I make are either raw or burnt.

So, me an' 'im have already agreed that I'll do the preparation and he'll do the cooking, but I haven't got the first clue about what to prepare!

We've got an electric stove, toaster, bread making machine, hand mixer, pasta machine, food processor and ice cream machine.

I'm after some easy to prepare, easy to follow and very basic recipes using the machine's we've already got that I can start screwing up as soon as we've got the ingredients in the house.

I'm a chocaholic vegetarian who's allergic to dairy and Steve eats loads of meat but doesn't like nuts and cucumber and mushrooms and peppers and aubergines.

We need to get more fruit and veg inside us and I don't mind preparing it as long as it's quick to do because I don't want my knees to give up on me in the middle of preparing the food and not being able to get up, so if we can use frozen veg instead, that'd be perfik!

I'm open to most ideas and I know that there are all sorts of recipes online that I can try, I just want to start slowly and use recipes that you, my blog readers, have already tried and tested that I can ask you questions about if I need to is all.

So come on then, either put the recipe in the comments of this post or give me trusted and true links to webpages online.  Please?

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