Saturday 25 February 2017

That's a relief then!

Just had a call from BC.

They've put my disabilities on my record and I'm still paying the same amount but they've stopped the interest and fees that I was paying so starting from now, I'm only paying off the amount that I owe, nothing else.

She said that because I'm not paying the minimum payment, there might be a default on my credit report in a few years time which'll stay there for 6 years and I just need to call them and set up a standing order instead of a direct debit and things will be fine again.

Basically I'm happy with everything now and I've got a freephone number for any questions or if I need reassurance or anything like that and it'll go straight through to the payment support department and they'll be able to talk to me about what is happening and make any other arrangements for me.

I can so do this now!

No interest and no annual fee, the £75 a month is just paying what I owe which is such a relief!

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