Thursday 9 February 2017

That's most of the main bedroom sorted

Just had a big tidy up in the main bedroom... there's still a bit to do, but that can be done when I've got my energy and breath back.

Filled up 2 black bags and a smaller, flimsier white bag with just the rubbish by the bed.  Just got the bathroom (small job) and spare room (hugest job of the lot) to do now then we just need to keep on top of it.

I can't help being peed off with Steve though.  I asked him to tidy up the worktop that I'm not tall enough to reach and he still hasn't done it... I asked him to do half of what I did in the kitchen then I did an extra 2 rooms on top of that!

I'm going to give him until the weekend to make a start on it and if he doesn't, I'll ask Marie on Monday.

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