Sunday 26 February 2017

Even better if you want to save money

If you're looking for a new supplement supplier and you want 20% off your first order from Simply Supplements, just use the "recommended by a friend" link on the first page of the Simply Supplements site and put my name (Amanda George) in the first box and hit the button.  It'll say that it knows lots of Amanda George's and ask you for my email address which is, hit the button again et voila!  20% off for both of us!

I love Simply Supplements and have been using them since the turn of the milleniumish as my supplement supplier of choice.

They are friendly, specialise in top quality supplements and you get 20% off just for an extra couple of clicks!  They are fast too!  And the cheapest you will find online - if you do find the exact same product elsewhere and you can prove it (website URL or leaflet something like that) they also offer a price match plus 10% guarantee - has to be provable though and the same strength for the same amount of pills and stuff... they are totally open about it in their FAQ if you don't believe be though!  😉  If you order before 12 noon UK time, they dispatch your order the same working day too!

Go for it... you won't be disappointed - I never have been!

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