Wednesday 22 February 2017

£42.50 to spend now!

Just got everything sorted with O2... had a £15 invoice in my email account this morning and didn't even have the SIM card so got onto the O2 site and cancelled it.

I've also got £42.50 to use in my account so that'll be a lot of talks and texts to non-O2 numbers then!  lol

I donate £3 a month to the Dogs Trust on my phone and another £2.50 to a childhood cancer charity so that'll get it down a bit but I'll have to make lots of calls and texts to get it down again!  lol

Next month it'll be almost £50 even after the two charity donations come out but I've freed up a tenner a month that I can put into my secondary account each month on top of the tenner a week that's already going in there, so that'll be £50 a month ready for when I need it again.

It's not even like I miss spending the money my spending addiction was demanding either!


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