Wednesday 22 February 2017

Ideas please!

I've got £42.50 on my phone and no way to spend it.

I've got £50 in my secondary account.  By this time next month there will be £100 in there.

My main bank account isn't looking so healthy unfortunately.

So, what can I spend £30 on from my phone?  The hubby said to browse the internet, but that seems pointless to me when I've got a laptop so close to me!

So, I'm after a charity that I can donate to that takes the money off my phone instead of out of my bank account but haven't got the first clue about any that do that other than the 2 that I already support.

Might wait for Children In Need and donate £20 to them like I did last year.

Any other decent registered charities in the UK that I can donate to as well though?  Please?

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