Monday 27 February 2017

£90 in my back-up bank account now!

Just moved £30 into my back-up bank account and checked the balance.

There's £90 in there now, which means I'll be starting March with £100 in there 'cos this week's tenner will go in by the end of this week, then I can aim for £150 by April and I'll be well away then!

Hopefully I'll have £500 in there by the end of the year and that's without denying us anything!

Thank you to my Gods, Goddesses and online support for helping me get to this point... a short 6 months ago, there was no way I thought I would ever get to this point, and I'm not going to pretend it was easy, but I've pretty much cracked my spending addiction now!

Yaaaay!!  🙌

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